addictive! is the full service mobile agency

addictive is a new sort of agency; a full service agency focused on Mobile, Social & Content

Founded by Simon Andrews (formerly founding partner at Modem Media Poppe Tyson, DLKW, Big Picture and Chief Digital Strategy Officer at WPP’s Mindshare) addictive combines extensive experience of marketing with deep knowledge of mobile.

Not just mobile advertising, although that has a role to play. We see the most exciting opportunity as mobile content and services – focused on smart phones. Millions of smart phones have been sold since the start of 2007 – and this is making the mobile internet truly mass market.

Looking back to the early days of the web, when we started Poppe Tyson in 1996 there were only 50 million people on the web – it wasn’t until 1999 that the 300 million figure was reached. And by that time there was a huge industry helping businesses embrace the web to drive profits and reduce costs.

There is now a really attractive opportunity around smart phones. And despite all the hype over apps, few businesses are really thinking about how they can use mobile to improve their customer experience, reduce the cost of doing business, build real loyalty through addictive services and content and – yes – attract new customers.

We’re very ambitious, and using our extensive experience and deep expertise we believe we can build addictive! into a strong business. We are hungry for success stories and keen to talk with businesses that want to profit from the new mobile opportunities.

The addictive! elevator pitch

  • We solve business problems, by solving people’s problems.
  • We develop relevant, measurable, scaleable ideas that live in mobile and  social
  • Our ambition is mobile content/services that people become addicted to.

The addictive! team offer everything that a business needs to profit from mobile.

The addictive! process


We develop a clear appreciation of the issues facing the business, identify the most valuable people to create a dialogue with and understand the way they use mobile.


We develop an addictive idea and execute every aspect of the production/ development of that idea. This could be an app, a mobile site or an idea that exists across various aspects of mobile. One element we focus on is ways to keep people using the app (addiction) so it doesn’t sink to the last pages of peoples apps and get forgotten. This usually involves building social elements within the idea.

Discovery & Distribution

With over 1m apps in the Apple appstore, we maximise downloads of the app/ content or service through;

  • understanding how to ‘game’ the app stores
  • smart use of emerging discovery sites like applicious/ getjar etc
  • through the smart use of mobile search (pay per click and organic SEO).

Once we understand the business performance of the app we can also plan and buy mobile advertising campaigns that deliver users at the right cost.