Get bored in meetings? There’s an app for that

Does your heart sink every time you get invited to another meeting? Are your days filled with long meetings that should be short? And are some of them totally unnecessary?

Yawn no more – we have launched Meeting Magician- a fun iPhone app that makes meetings fun again. And you can get it on Android and Blackberry too.

Having spent 3 years at Mindshare/WPP either in meetings, on conference calls or on planes, I reckoned people needed some way to ease the pain of this way of life. Red wine works really well on planes but oddly enough is frowned on in meetings (although it has helped me through a few conference calls).

So this app lets you play buzzword bingo when the powerpoint bores get going. It gives you a word of the day to slip into the presentation or the chat with the boss – and you can share your success story with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find out just how much money is being wasted in a meeting with our calculator – estimate the average hourly rate of the people in the meeting or on the call, key in how many people are taking part and the calculator shows you second by second how much is being wasted. You can share the excess stories on Facebook and Twitter – we expect our friends at Goldmans and Credit Suisse etc to get quite competitive over this.

And when you think you really can’t take a meeting, set up a lifesaver fake call – just programme the app with the time you want to be called and choose who you want to the call to be from – and hey presto  – your phone rings and you have the perfect reason to escape.

And as a further incentive – we offer a money back guarantee. If you have the app on your phone the next time we meet, I’ll buy the tea/ beer – so you can’t lose.

Please let us know what you think – we’re interested in thoughts as to what we add on the next version ( we already plan to add a way to play buzzword bingo with the others in the meeting) – and please write a review on the app store.