Mobile Fix – January 27

Amazing Apple

Apple reported their figures for Q4 of 2012 and blew analysts forecasts away – with a staggering performance. They sold more iPhones in 2011 than they sold in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 – combined!

They made more profit in Q4 ($13.1bn) than Google made revenue over the same period ($10.6bn) – and the Apple revenue in Q4 was $46bn

They have $97bn in cash – and consider that Facebook hope to be a company that is valued at $100bn when they do their IPO.

The full details are here. There are some charts here that help put them in perspective. If you still want more read the TechCrunch article – that was originally called Boom, Boom, Boom

And they still have plenty of opportunity for growth – Apple CEO Tim Cook says demand in China is staggering and off the chart and a Chinese Business School professor is quoted as saying;

 “The desire for this brand has already broadened out from the trendy urban demographic to just about everyone,”

The rumours about iPhone 5 are starting to flow with suggestions it’s coming this summer and will have a much bigger screen – maybe as large as 4 inches.

Google change the way they use data

As they come under some criticism over the way they have implemented social search – using Google + to improve search results but ignoring/unable to use data from Facebook and Twitter  – Google are making changes to they way the collect and use data. Instead of over 60 separate privacy notices there will now be one. This means Google can use all the data they have on someone to improve their services – and to better target advertising.

Online display advertising is forecast to boom in the coming years and Google want to ensure they have maximum firepower to see off Facebook ambitions in this space.

Everyone in GAFA is collecting data on what we do online and intends to use that to make more money. Google is keen to extend their supremacy in search advertising into display and everyone else wants to stop them. New research suggests that they continue to do really well in mobile – at the expense of Apple – largely because they are so dominant in mobile search.


But of course, one mans data insight is another’s privacy concern.

O2 learnt this week just how quickly people jump onto something that seems like a privacy issue. A smart developer noticed that O2 was passing on a users phone number amongst the info shared when a mobile users visits a website. This news spread quickly and O2 was almost as quick to change their policy and stop this practice. But this fuss has highlighted the issue that mobile is different to online and we all need to remember this.

More on NewTV 

As Netflix talk up their UK launch and report great sales in the US, the FT pulls evidence together that whilst the topline data suggests TV is doing well, when you look beyond the marquee shows ( top drama, reality shows and sport) fragmentation is having a corrosive effect.

Quick reads

We talked about how mobile is perfect for Branded Utility last week and this is  a good summary of the better examples

Marin research on their customers activity in search shows that 12% of UK search is mobile – but only around 7% of search budgets are being spent on mobile. That spells opportunity for smart brands.

This Fix is being written in breaks at the excellent Mobile Retail Conference in London, where I’m chairing the afternoon session. Many of the talks are around how retailers deal with people using their mobile to check prices and reviews etc. US retailer Target is asking their suppliers to help them counter this showrooming, by providing exclusive products and better pricing.

There is a UK answer to Square launching soon – called Mpowa.

Probably not a surprise to Fix readers but new data shows that Mobile is now around 40% of VC investments in Tech

With over 500 million apps everyone agrees that the Apple appstore is broken – and this is some smart thinking on how it might evolve.

Not that quick but still worth reading; Really good interview with the head of design for Android from Wired – long but gets into some good detail on where Google are going with mobile

US clients want their agencies to give them strategic thinking – but only 9% believe their trad agencies get digital. We think it’s probably similar over here – which is why we’re helping a couple of smart agencies get match fit for mobile. We’re always happy to help others.

As Apple stock hit new heights Facebook have suspended secondary market trading in their stock for a week – suggesting they may be about to announce their IPO


….In the week when Deloitte release a study suggesting that Facebook adds £2bn to the UK economy, and supports 35k jobs, a new study facilitated by Google seeks to measure the contribution of the Internet on society. This pulls together various sources and puts figures against the contribution to each European country. For the UK the figure is £100 billion, with the potential to be 50% higher by 2015.

These studies underline the fact that digital is key to the economy and that many businesses revolve around the internet. Quite why some people still struggle to accept the huge influence digital can and does have on marketing, remains a mystery.

As Mary Meeker says of mobile, some companies will win big, whilst many will wonder what just happened.


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